Impermium, the leading defender against account hacking and malicious user-generated content for web sites, and ImageVision, the pioneer in automated content safety for images and videos, today announce a strategic partnership to protect businesses from dangerous and explicit user-generated content.  As we’ve warned before, incidents of malicious content and online abuse are rapidly increasing across the Internet. And as occurrences of abuse continue to rise, so do the forms and methods of these actions. With this partnership, Impermium is able to offer image protection in addition to text, providing the preeminent defense against these fast-growing problems.  Outbreaks of abusive content and social spam can have a lasting impact on user engagement, SEO and page rank, brand reputation, and ad revenue.  By leveraging Impermium’s expertise in identifying malicious user behavior and ImageVision’s expertise in images and video, businesses now have a complete solution for preventing and eliminating dangerous user-generated content.

Read more about this partnership here.


Jessie Babiarz

Jessie Babiarz is Impermium’s Marketing Manager, where she works hard to inform people about cybersecurity and the dangers of social spam. Originally from Vermont, Jessie is a proud tree hugger, dog lover, wine drinker, and scuba diver. Go Trojans!

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