Last week, Impermium partnered with TeleSign to present our first webinar, Stop Social Spam. During the discussion, Impermium CEO, Mark Risher and TeleSign VP, Forrest Hobbs gave their expertise surrounding internet security threats, particularly the dangers of social spam and online fraud.

As discussed more thoroughly in our white paper, Stop Social Spam and Fraud from Sabatoging your Brand, social spam is a rapidly growing problem. It is more than just a nuisance in the blog comment section. It is a real problem with measurable pains for website users and online companies, who experience losses in the form of revenue, maintenance costs, user attrition, and damage to brand reputation.

This webinar discusses emerging internet security trends, including the varieties of social spam and fraudulent user signups, as well as the risks to businesses and site owners for not appropriately dealing with malicious content and those creating it. Mark colors the webinar with real-life examples that demonstrate how easy it is for criminals to scam even savvy internet users. See the example below of a Twitter scam, coming from a benign-looking post claiming that someone has uploaded photos of you.

Mark explains, “Part of why these work, is because on the social web, nothing is more natural than clicking on unknown links. The social web by definition is about the viral distribution of content.” In this particular case, the link brought you to a realistic-looking Twitter login page. Unfortunately for many users, it was not actually part of Twitter, but rather a webpage registered by criminals and designed to dupe and steal sensitive information from trusting users. The webinar doesn’t just talk about the bad stuff happening online, but also provides a useful three-step approach to cleaning up your site. This approach, developed by Impermium and TeleSign, provides actionable advice that businesses can execute to protect themselves and their users.

Thanks to those of you that were able to join us for the Stop Social Spam webinar.  If you were not able to log in – don’t fret! You can access the video on our resources page.


Jessie Babiarz

Jessie Babiarz is Impermium’s Marketing Manager, where she works hard to inform people about cybersecurity and the dangers of social spam. Originally from Vermont, Jessie is a proud tree hugger, dog lover, wine drinker, and scuba diver. Go Trojans!

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